Bathtub Balneum Sthatus

balneum sthatus corner whirlpool bathtub


Balneum Sthatus bathtub containing a concave shape inside, making it enveloping and pure in form. From a seductive aesthetic, it knows how to captivate the simplest personalities with discerning taste. It leaves no room for asymmetry.


corner whirlpool bath tub detail balneum sthatus


06 jet
220 volts

Technical Data

White color
Metal frame with feet
Water content, lt 380

Height, width and capacity

Height with frame 62 cm
Shell height 46 cm
Whirlpool capacity, lt 100
Drain column

Data sheet:

balneum sthatus bathtub data sheet




The company is devoted to the transformation and assembly of mini-pools, bathtubs, and shower trays.

The production chain is certified at source, according to a QS-certified quality protocol.

Sthatus enters the market with the desire to offer a great quality product at a highly competitive price.

Sthatus is a young and dynamic company aimed at meeting and satisfying customers’ needs with prompt and reliable service.

The desire to grow and become a point of, pushes us to do better, day after day, to give the customer the confidence to always get the best treatment possible.

Reliability and convenience are our strengths, and it is on these qualities that our structure is based, perpetually developing and constantly striving to meet all needs.

Weight 170 kg
Bathtub system


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