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Castellana Scarabeo Monobloc Wc

castellana scarabeo ceramic white monobloc vase

Castellana monobloc toilet: the classic that never sets

Designed for those who love romantic atmospheres and refined style, the Castellana line gives the contemporary bathroom comfort and elegance. Among the different elements that make up the collection, the monobloc toilet undoubtedly represents a sanitary fixture that ensures comfortable and particularly welcoming use and that stands out for its glamorous and refined design. Its graceful look pays homage to the Italian tradition of ceramic processing but manages to successfully interpret the characteristics and needs of contemporary living. Scarabeo’s choice to give life to a toilet characterized by soft shapes and embellished with double and sinuous edges responds, in fact, to that desire to furnish one’s bathroom with elements capable of being inspired by the past to fit perfectly into the current world of furniture bath.

Comfort and bon-ton taste in Castellana sanitaryware

Paying homage to the city of Civita Castellana, headquarters of the company and cradle of the best Made in Italy ceramic production, the monobloc vase presented here maintains a classic taste but declines it in dynamic and enveloping lines that amplify the comfort of use and enhance the ability to furnish sanitary. The single block structure contributes to giving the bathroom a classy, tidy and clean atmosphere, hiding drain and connecting pipes behind graceful ceramic surfaces. The Castellana monobloc toilet has important dimensions (41x41x73 cm) but its sinuous and flexible structure transmits sensations of lightness, sobriety and aesthetic rigor. The toilet is completed by a cistern positioned close to the wall, covered in precious ceramic, which combines the technical function with a purely decorative value. Alone or next to the other elements of the Castellana line, this monobloc vase manages to transform the bathroom, domestic or contract, into a space in which intimacy, a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere and bon-ton taste stand out. The elegant wooden toilet seat also contributes to further emphasize the chic image of the sanitaryware which, thanks to its dark shade, creates a pleasant contrast with the brightness and purity of the ceramic surfaces.

Castellana monobloc toilet, craftsmanship and technological soul

Always attentive to the evolution of the bathroom furniture sector, Scarabeo also reserves the Castellana monobloc toilet all the attention necessary to make it technologically advanced and in perfect harmony with the present time. The luxurious yet simple design of the toilet is combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to offer the user a durable, robust and solid element. The added value is also represented by the particular drainage system used by the toilet and which allows to optimize the water used, obtaining a perfect balance between reduction of water consumption and impeccability of cleaning.


technical details monobloc wc castellana scarabeo cistern castellana scarabeo technical sheet




The washbasin: Elegant, functional, available in many different models enters the bathroom as a real protagonist.
Scarabeo supports it from 1974.

The commitment and seriousness demonstrated, together with the high quality of its products, allow the company to establish itself in a short time on domestic and foreign markets and to tighten profitable relationships with the most important world companies Manufacturers of sanitary ware.

Other strengths that have always characterized this company are the continuous search for novelty and the ability to constantly evolve according to the different needs manifested by the market.

From this continuous evolution comes the idea of presenting for a few years, new lines of furnishing sinks that, at present, are going to compose a very wide and always growing range.

The philosophy of Scarabeo is to make the washbasin protagonist of the bathroom, committing itself to the utmost in the study of new lines and models, designed to satisfy an increasingly demanding market, and to focus on the quality and uniqueness of the products rather than on the large Amount.

Weight 60 kg

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