classic bathtub epoca treesse

classic bathtub epoca detail water delivery pipe with tie treesse

classic bathtub Epoca Treesse free standing.


  • Drain column with siphon.
  • Metal feet in classic style (available in chrome, white, gold or bronze)

Maximum water content 165 liters.


  • Supplement colours table RAL inside/external bathtub.
  • Supplement for external decoration in gold or silver leaf laminate.


data sheet classic bathtub epoca treesse


logo treesse bathtubs


The Treesse Group founded in 1976 is a company specialized first in the production and marketing of bathroom furniture and accessories.
La svolta ebbe luogo alla fine degli anni ’80: dai mobili, il Gruppo Treesse passò alla produzione di vasche da bagno, che oggi rappresentano l’attività predominante, insieme alle mini-piscine.


Among the various changes that the Group has made to its corporate appearance over time, two values have remained intact: Italianness and family management. Every single product is made in the Nepi plant in Italy.
As far as company management is concerned, all the main decision-making positions are occupied by family members and this choice allows an immediate and conscious capacity for intervention in every situation and a univocal intent that ensures determination and clarity in the Group’s strategic behavior.


The Treesse Group is gaining a leading position in the Italian panorama of bathtub manufacturers, close to the most important international brands in the sector.
This prestigious position was achieved thanks to significant investments in research and innovation, guaranteed by rigorous control procedures: before being placed on the market, every single piece is subjected to a thorough inspection of the final quality.
A decisive role in innovation is played by the materials they use to build the products: for example the Crystaltech and special resins, which allow the adoption of shapes and objects that cannot be achieved with traditional plastic materials.
This is how successful international patents were born that characterize some Treesse Group bathtubs.
Ghost System, a system that hides the whirlpool jets, leaving only a magical and innovative line of light, and MyTherme System, a high-tech solution that recreates the sensations and natural well-being of the spa in the home bathtub.


To face the national and international market, the Treesse Group offers a vast range of products.
They expertly use various types of materials, such as wood, glass, metal, etc. ..; various styles are interpreted for all areas of taste, from the nineteenth century classic to the essentiality of the new millennium; a production that ranges from thermal baths to mini-pools, from large bathtubs to corner bathtubs.


The roots of the Treesse Group are well planted in central Italy, near Rome.
This Italianness, of which the company is proud, has allowed it to establish itself on the national market, but also to look at the world and conquer the main international markets, from Switzerland to Polynesia, from Arab countries to Russia, from the Middle to the Far East.

Weight 170 kg

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