stendy deltacalor heated towel rail dryer dries

Stendy, the revolutionary patented heated towel rail that evolves into the first multi-function high performance radiator.

stendy deltacalor heated towel rail chrome dryer closed

Stendy does not just heat the room and dry the towels, but becomes a spacious clothes drying rack and a real laundry dryer.

stendy deltacalor heated chrome towel warmer high performance laundry

All this thanks to a patented watertight joint that allows to fold the diffuser panels (from one to four according to the chosen size), allowing the circulation of hot water inside them and always guaranteeing the heating power.

stendy deltacalor openable towel warmer open chrome-plated linen

Stendy, adaptable to any bathroom, even the smallest, is an extremely versatile object.

stendy deltacalor towel warmer openable dryer particular open

stendy deltacalor heated towel rail colorful dryer

stendy deltacalor openable towel warmer dries particular colored linen









Made in Italy, exclusive technologies and trendy design for a warmth at the service of man and his emotions.

Deltacalor is strongly characterized by a 360 ° approach that incorporates technology, functionality and aesthetics. The activity of research and development on materials, shapes, finishes and workmanship brings the company to the realization of important product patents, tangible testimony of the innovations realized. Not only heating bodies, therefore, but produced with an innate aptitude in finding the best shape assuring comfort and wellbeing. Maximum functionality, great ease of installation and high quality. These are the advantages of a company capable of satisfying and anticipating the needs of designers, architects, installers and final consumers.


Deltacalor’s Mission:

  • Manufacture and commercialize radiators, towel rails and technologically innovative design to meet the needs of the customer in a new way.
  • Ensure the highest quality and respect for the environment.
  • Create products for home comfort with high technological content.

The synergies existing with other companies of the group, all mainly engaged in the development of exclusive and high-tech products, give the company a strong innovation character. Aesthetics merges with the functionality expressed at the highest levels, supported by new thermal Exchange technologies. The company boasts environmentally friendly production and in line with the latest energy saving regulations.


The production takes place in Italy, makes use of the most innovative and advanced production methodologies, from welding to painting. Quality control meets the highest market standards.

Quality System

Deltacalor is a company with a management Quality system certified ISO 9001:2008 and has other specific certifications necessary to operate in the foreign market.

Weight 10 kg

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