Luxy Light 18000 Operative Office Chair

Luxy Light 18000 Operative Office Chair white

Light is a part of Luxy history. It has been conceived from an idea, which has become afterwards a patent, to fix the supporting structure to the upholstery through a single pipe without any screws. These are the elements that make the difference. Design is timeless and “light”.

The vertical and horizontal knitting enhances the mastery, precision and tailoring experience that are the attributes of Luxy.

  • Backrest: PVC carrier.
  • Seat: PVC carrier.
  • Structure: High-strength steel frame, round section diameter 25 mm. for 1,5 mm. thick, chrome finish.
  • Armrests: In die-cast aluminum with chrome finish.
  • Mechanism: Multiblock Rocking or Relax Rocking.
  • Base: In polished die-cast aluminum.
  • Wheels: Self-braking rubber wheels (standard) diameter 65 mm.



16° backrest inclination

  • 1 programmed locking position (backrest all forward) or free backrest (OR)
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Choose the position of the back most suitable for the task (all forward or free) Free backrest: follow the movements of the spine: press the lever inside
  • Backrest locked all the way forward: remove the lever – to unlock and change the angle, a slight pressure of the spine on the back is sufficient (anti-shock device)
  • Backrest intensity adjustment according to the user’s weight.


18° backrest inclination.

  • 7 locking positions or unlocked backrest.
  • Seat height adjuster.
  • Unlocked backrest: follows the movements of the spine – press the button
  • Locked backrest: choose the inclination angle of the backrest best suited to the task – press the button and lock it to change the angle, just press the button with a slight pressure of the spine on the backrest (anti – shock device)
  • The movement intensity of the backrest cab be adjusted according to the user’s weight





Weight 30 kg

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