plate heated towel rail SO-FLEX setting brem 2019


Beyond the usual concept of towel warmers, which calls order and folding, SO-FLEX Brem affirms a new concept: practical disorder, ease in gestures, the joy of not folding everything but throwing a towel just used in a cozy warm shell.

As a folded corner of a metal page, SO-FLEX invents a completely creative function: this is really a nice way to be different.

plate heatedtowel rail SO-FLEX silver brem 2019


plate heated towel rail SO-FLEX setting brem 2019


heated towel rail SO-FLEX red brem 2019



data sheet heated towel rail so flex brem 2019



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Specialized in the design and production of radiators and heated towel rails using steel tubes, BREM operates at the top end of market thanks to the superior quality of its products and the detailed, elegant, essential design of its items that gracefully and brilliantly fit into the architecture setting, producing emotions and feelings like any self-respecting design.

With BREM, the radiator isn’t just an object that warms the room, but a proper furnishing extra, capable of creating and dividing space thanks to the many sizes available, made-to-measure versions and the opportunity to choose a product that meets the specific needs of the room and those who live in.

BREM radiators are designed to meet the architect’s every functional and aesthetic need: he can fit them into any space by simply choosing the most appropriate size.

Weight 45 kg

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