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Zephyr, like the west wind. And, like the wind, it is aerial, delicate, light. It is the perfect bookcase, the ideal setting for books and objects. Two upright solution of the largest Zefiro, the Zefiro Double Edition is a dynamic complement, to hang on the wall or to rest on the ground. Able to extend up to a maximum width of two meters, Zefiro furnishes the walls of the living room with the light grace of a gust of wind.

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If you want a particular and refined multipurpose bookcase, Zefiro II is the right one for you.
Zefiro II is a dynamic and functional bookcase, but also a great piece of furniture, it is light and versatile, it can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall, it will always be perfect and will contain many furnishing solutions. In fact, it can be used to arrange books, but it can also act as a piece of furniture in the living room and also host a TV on its shelves. The functions of this library are manifold and its lightness despite being made by working on a steel plate is truly remarkable.

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Zefiro II has the name of the west wind and it is like the light and ethereal wind and easily adapts to any type of furniture, both classic and modern. This bookcase was made of powder coated steel and is made of gray and anthracite, two colors that can be easily combined with any type of furniture, both modern and contemporary. The minimal simplicity of this bookcase gives it the possibility of being easily integrated into any room in the home or study. It will be perfect in the living room with the magazines, the ornaments and even the TV, resting on the shelves, which will give a very elegant and refined overview, but it will also be unique in the living room as a bookcase, as it is very large and versatile and will allow you to keep in perfect order all the books, it will also be perfect in the studio where its extremely simple form will give the possibility to use it with an extraordinary interpretative richness.

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Zefiro II is a unique and refined design element created thanks to the skill of craftsmen, who from a steel plate create real functional and resistant masterpieces, but which are also objects of great current and functional design, which go beyond what has already been seen.
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Siderio is the brand of Archè Italia, a company that since the 2000s has dedicated itself to the design and production of metal furniture.

The Siderio Laboratory is spread over an area of 1000 square meters.

Experienced craftsmen have access to the most modern manufacturing and assembly technologies for the creation of metal products.

Before the laboratory, the products must be thought and designed.

The internal technical office is equipped with the most advanced 3D modeling and design software, to ensure the correct execution of the solutions required by customers.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 300 × 1900 × 1900 mm

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