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floor vase ceramic white colored theorem 2.0 scarabeo

Back to wall WC Teorema 2.0: a design with a modern concept for a sanitaryware with essential and elegant lines.

The floor vase is part of the innovative Teorema 2.0 line created by Italian designer Giovanni Calisti for Scarabeo Ceramiche. A prestigious artifact, born from the art of knowing how to shape the ceramic of a company that boasts a long tradition of craftsmanship in the production of sanitary ware and that is always looking for new ideas to combine style and practicality and offer customers exclusive products that improve home life. The floor vase has a refined and contemporary geometry, highlighted by the brightness of the ceramic and by the compact size. A bathroom furniture that lends itself to complement residential or professional toilets and that conforms to various styles of furniture. In fact, the Teorema 2.0 sanitary ware can represent an essential element to create contrasts, in environments with floors and walls in dark shades or to play with the chromatic balance determined by furnishings with natural colors.

Floor standing toilet for tidy and elegant bathrooms

Among the merits of the floor-mounted sanitary ware of the Teorema collection is the original design, conceived to give inspiration to the spaces and at the same time make them welcoming and functional. Objectives that characterize the vase on the ground, with its sinuous shape, without edges, which make it suitable to be inserted in any environment of large and small size. A sanitary fixture able to instill order and harmony in the entire bathroom, as it does not have exposed pipes but is installed flush with the wall. Combined with the bidet of the same line, it is the furniture to focus on to create an elegant and pleasant relaxation room to live and to see.

Teorema 2.0 vase: practicality and comfort

The vase complete with seat cover transforms into a seat, which certainly makes it more comfortable to carry out the various personal hygiene operations, take a foot bath or relax when applying beauty treatments. Simple to sanitize, the toilet has an enameled finish, which makes dirt easily drain while always keeping it clean. A bathroom fixture designed to last over time and to facilitate home life, perfect for decorating a newly built bathroom or for renovating an existing one with a touch of modernity.



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The washbasin: Elegant, functional, available in many different models enters the bathroom as a real protagonist.
Scarabeo supports it from 1974.

The commitment and seriousness demonstrated, together with the high quality of its products, allow the company to establish itself in a short time on domestic and foreign markets and to tighten profitable relationships with the most important world companies Manufacturers of sanitary ware.

Other strengths that have always characterized this company are the continuous search for novelty and the ability to constantly evolve according to the different needs manifested by the market.

From this continuous evolution comes the idea of presenting for a few years, new lines of furnishing sinks that, at present, are going to compose a very wide and always growing range.

The philosophy of Scarabeo is to make the washbasin protagonist of the bathroom, committing itself to the utmost in the study of new lines and models, designed to satisfy an increasingly demanding market, and to focus on the quality and uniqueness of the products rather than on the large Amount.

Weight 60 kg


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