Bigovino Geelli Bottle Holder

polyurethane integral colored bottle holder bigovino geelli

Bigovino is a bottle rack that can be used individually (for two bottles) or by inserting the elements into each other to hold four or six bottles.

Bigovino is made of soft and colorful integral polyurethane, which by its nature also has thermal insulating properties.


geelli bigovino gray colored integral polyurethane bottle holder

Dimensions: 31 x 11 | h 14 | Ø 9 cm

Designer: Phi-cube

Material: Integral polyurethane



Soft to the touch and resistant to abrasion, products made of integral polyurethane have an outer surface of the same color as the inner mass, with a more or less glossy appearance or with a textural texture in relief.


Various elements can be incorporated into the mass during processing, such as metal inserts that give structure to the final piece, suction cups for attachment to walls, magnets, etc.


The out-of-mold painting stage, with clear varnish, allows the product to be used even in humid contexts, such as inside showers.

Weight 10 kg
Colore Poliuretano

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