heated towel rail bathroom white colored lazzarini asti

“Col ch’a l’è stait brusà da l’eva cauda a l’ha paura fin-a dla freida” (detto piemontese)


heated towel rail white colored lazzarini asti




heated towel rail white colored valve detail lazzarini asti


technical details heated towel rail white colored lazzarini asti


data sheet heated towel rail white colored lazzarini asti





About us

Lazzarini is an international company specialized in designing, developing, producing and marketing ranges of towel warmers and design radiators. Lazzarini is active in over 20 countries including Europe, South and North America, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand with the aim of continuously investing our resources in customer service and satisfaction.



A Lazzarini product in every home: “The spirit of a dynamic team committed every day to develop products that combine aesthetics and functionality allowing you to make every single living space furnished with exclusive and accessible radiators”



Our mission is to offer the latest designs at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We are able in this way to create sustainable value for our employees, customers and shareholders respecting ethical principles. Today, the company represents a wide variety of products and product-concepts: “Thanks to the continuous enrichment of the range, the use of new finishes, and the wide range of sizes, there are thousand different possibilities to use a radiator that fully tailors the heat requirements to our customer’s needs”. Luca Lazzarini



The Lazzarini company, like many other Italian companies, is the story of a family. Mr Luciano Lazzarini in 1974 started working in the industry by setting up a company named Sile Corpi Scaldanti and leading up to 1999. The first son, Luca, joined the company in 1994, while the second son, Sandro, has been a valued part since 1998. The company Lazzarini was established 2004. This new business in the towel warmer radiators was the result of a consolidated experience of the Lazzarini family acquired for more than 30 years in the Steel Radiators sector.

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