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The evolution of the bedside table. Its vertical interpretation. Talia Bed is a self-supporting bookcase in painted steel, which watches over the bed like a careful sentinel. On the longest shelf, the alarm clock. On the others, the books of the heart. It is a bedside table that avoids the classic cube shape. It is a slender column to fill with life. If you reach out, you find your book. If you reach out, you find a piece of yourself.

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Do you want a particular bookcase and bedside table for the bedroom? Choose the Talia Bedroom Edition Bookcase! The Talia Bedroom Edition bookcase represents the evolution of the traditional bedside table. Specifically, it is a self-supporting bookcase, made of resistant painted steel. The Talia Bedroom Edition bookcase is equipped with several overlapping shelves of different widths. On the larger one, placed at the height of the bed, the alarm clock and everything that can be at hand, when you are resting. On the others you can place the magazines, comics and books of the heart. The Talia Bedroom Edition Bookcase is a bedside table, which has a particularly original and innovative design. It is a wonderful column, destined to be filled with readings and the most beautiful memories of the consumer. The Talia Bedroom Edition bookcase is a piece of furniture, which enriches the rooms in which it is placed, while simultaneously personalizing them. It is beautiful and functional. It takes its name from the always cheerful girl named Tali of Greek mythology, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. The grace of this splendid girl has been transposed into the creation of the Talia Bedroom Edition Library. This piece of furniture allows you to make the most of the available spaces, especially when they are small.

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Thanks to the unique design of this beautiful Talia Bedroom Edition Bookcase, you can have a bookcase available, without having to give up because of the reduced space in the apartment. By choosing the Talia Bedroom Edition Bookcase, at the same time, you have a bookcase and a bedside table. The Talia Bedroom Edition bookcase is a piece of furniture developed in height and full of clean, well-defined lines and geometric figures, which give life to a slender, essential and stylized design. Choosing the Talia Bedroom Edition Bookcase means having a special bookcase and bedside table, which have a beautiful appearance and the many features of placing books, magazines and, on the appropriate shelf, alarm clocks and more!

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Siderio is the brand of Archè Italia, a company that since the 2000s has dedicated itself to the design and production of metal furniture.

The Siderio Laboratory is spread over an area of 1000 square meters.

Experienced craftsmen have access to the most modern manufacturing and assembly technologies for the creation of metal products.

Before the laboratory, the products must be thought and designed.

The internal technical office is equipped with the most advanced 3D modeling and design software, to ensure the correct execution of the solutions required by customers.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 300 × 500 × 1900 mm

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