Armchair Base Aluminum Blitz Sitlosophy


office chair base aluminum 4 legs blitz sitlosophy

The Blitz aluminum base armchair, was created by combining the seat element and the wraparound backrest, which also serves as an armrest. Characterized by wavy lines, it gives a sideways glimpse of part of the seat-a detail that becomes even more apparent in the combination of two different finishes. Several available bases make it easy to adapt the armchair to any setting, from the office to places of conviviality.


office chair aluminum base 4 legs colored blitz sitlosophy


Curved plywood


Flexible polyurethane foam thickness 5 and 2 cm density 40 rc


Structures made of curved plywood


Swivel base

Polished aluminum pyramid with 4 legs in version 1622

Color charts:

colors cove sitlosophy

gazebo colors sitlosophy

king-flex sitlosophy colors

colors secret sitlosophy

sitlosophy frosted leather colors

extrema sitlosophy colors

sitlosophy grain leather colors



We think that the value of an object is expressed both through design and through the philosophy behind it, and that the choice of seating plays a key role in the design of spaces: concentrating, meeting or relaxing are activities that require different design and philosophy.

It is a synesthetic experience involving all the senses.

Vision in choosing colors that relax, energize or promote concentration.

Hearing through shapes and materials that generate reduced noise impact.

Touch: the seat is in direct contact with our body, and the choice of upholstery conveys feelings that affect the state of mind.

The seats are made by highly skilled workers who ensure total quality and attention to detail.

The increase in production volumes has not undermined the importance of tailoring in the production of manufactured goods, a quality that distinguishes true Made in Italy.

Ethical and sustainable design

Design research, attention to detail and respect for the environment have always been the basis of all SITLOSOPHY® seating projects. Each new model is the result of collaboration between the in-house research team and professional designers, who are able to combine and synthesize originality, aesthetic pleasantness and ergonomics.

The design of the seat makes it recognizable and is a source of inspiration for designers in finding new space arrangement solutions. The form is all the more effective the more it helps those who use the space to exploit its full potential. In a context of sudden and constant change, flexibility and modularity are an added value because they allow the space to be redesigned according to the activities to be carried out. The ethos of sustainability is embodied in the choice of materials used, which are of high quality and have a low environmental impact. In recent years, supplier selection has favored wood from responsibly managed forests, textiles and plastic elements derived from recycled or easily recyclable materials.

A certified quality

SITLOSOPHY® is committed to quality and sustainability certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard, which aims to optimize business processes by improving the efficiency of production and service delivery.

ISO 45001 certification attests to attention to the health and safety of workers.

Attention to the environment evidenced by ISO 14001 certification, which keeps the environmental impact of all activities involving production under control FSC® certification ensures that branded products are made with wood from forests with appropriate environmental management that is socially useful and economically sustainable.

SITLOSOPHY® was awarded the FSC Italia Furniture Award 2020 in the community section.

First and foremost, the safety of SITLOSOPHY® seats is guaranteed by product certificates issued by leading international laboratories, which perform tests on the safety and durability of the seats and materials used.

In the area of safety and fire prevention, most of the models have Ministerial Approval Class 1IM obtained from the Ministry of the Interior VVFF, which allows the collections to be used in various contexts for which there are specific fire reaction requirements. In the regulatory sphere, we are part of the technical committee of UNI, the Italian National Unification Body, which drafts and publishes voluntary technical standards, acting as a promoter of innovation and ensuring that production is constantly adapted to international quality standards.

sitlosophy certificates


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