Wall Hung Wc Teorema 2.0 Scarabeo

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Wall Hung Wc Teorema 2.0

Glamorous and at the same time sober, the suspended toilet of the Teorema 2.0 collection represents the ideal sanitary ware for those who want to give their bathroom a modern and current style.

Without renouncing the comfort of use and the excellence of the materials, this toilet features a clean design surrounded by unprecedented profiles in which clean lines meet rounded edges. The Teorema 2.0 suspended toilet also boasts dimensions (31x36x52 cm) and balanced volumes, which allow it to be compact but, at the same time, comfortable and welcoming. The supporting edges have in fact the right thickness to facilitate maximum usability, while the suspended installation leaves precious centimeters of space free, giving them to the overall bathroom environment.

Inserting the Teorema 2.0 wall hung toilet in the bathroom allows you to create a room with a young mood and a smart atmosphere, however, defined by a very refined style. The absence of supports, the drain and pipes hidden in the wall and the precious finishes of the element also contribute to making the bathroom a harmonious place, in which nothing appears out of place and in which sensations of order dominate. image cleaning and care.

The most exclusive design that ensures hygiene and respect for the environment

The Teorema 2.0 hanging toilet marries a purely modern philosophy not only in the look but also in the design aimed at reducing water consumption and maximizing hygiene and cleanliness.

Alongside its ability to contain the flow rate of the drain, which is reduced from an average 10 liters of traditional sanitary ware to just 4.5 liters of water, it has the ability to make ceramic cleaning particularly efficient. The toilet is in fact equipped with the innovative Clean Flush WC® system, patented by Scarabeo Ceramiche itself. It is a unique technology specifically designed to increase toilet hygiene and to facilitate quick and thorough cleaning with each use. The system, in particular, is characterized by the absence of the rim, a section present in standard toilets and in which water, germs and limestone are stationed, and by a mechanism of action that makes the rinsing vigorous and effective: the water of the drain before descending vertically along the internal walls of the vessel, washes the surfaces horizontally to perform a complete sanitation of all surfaces.

Wall hung toilet Teorema 2.0: the ideal interpreter of the contemporary bathroom

Confirming the captivating and versatile soul that marks the entire Teorema 2.0 collection, this suspended toilet also lends itself to dressing contemporary furnished bathrooms and more traditional environments. The indestructible Scarabeo ceramic, worked with the many years of experience that identifies the company, meets in this element the unmistakable style of Made in Italy, giving a simple elegance to contexts of all types. To complete the bathroom furniture, the sanitary fixture can be combined with the coordinated suspended bidet and the appropriate toilet seat in comfortable thermosetting material, available both in the version with standard closure and in the variant with soft-close slow closure.


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The washbasin: Elegant, functional, available in many different models enters the bathroom as a real protagonist.
Scarabeo supports it from 1974.

The commitment and seriousness demonstrated, together with the high quality of its products, allow the company to establish itself in a short time on domestic and foreign markets and to tighten profitable relationships with the most important world companies Manufacturers of sanitary ware.

Other strengths that have always characterized this company are the continuous search for novelty and the ability to constantly evolve according to the different needs manifested by the market.

From this continuous evolution comes the idea of presenting for a few years, new lines of furnishing sinks that, at present, are going to compose a very wide and always growing range.

The philosophy of Scarabeo is to make the washbasin protagonist of the bathroom, committing itself to the utmost in the study of new lines and models, designed to satisfy an increasingly demanding market, and to focus on the quality and uniqueness of the products rather than on the large Amount.

Weight 60 kg


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