Electric heated towel rail white colored veletta brem

Davide Diliberto designed the Veletta electric towel warmer for Brem with the aim of hiding bathrobes and towels from view without using doors or moving parts. The plate is divided in two by a sharp fold that creates a wing that moves away from the wall: a functional and
simple solution that allows the laundry to dry quickly even in the seasons when the radiator is off, thanks to the natural circulation of air. The towels are placed on the front bar, so VELETTA becomes the ideal radiator to be installed between the sink and shower or bathtub.

Electric heated towel rail white colored handle detail veletta brem



data sheet electric heated towel rail veletta brem




Specialized in the design and production of radiators and heated towel rails using steel tubes, BREM operates at the top end of market thanks to the superior quality of its products and the detailed, elegant, essential design of its items that gracefully and brilliantly fit into the architecture setting, producing emotions and feelings like any self-respecting design.

With BREM, the radiator isn’t just an object that warms the room, but a proper furnishing extra, capable of creating and dividing space thanks to the many sizes available, made-to-measure versions and the opportunity to choose a product that meets the specific needs of the room and those who live in.

BREM radiators are designed to meet the architect’s every functional and aesthetic need: he can fit them into any space by simply choosing the most appropriate size.

Weight 10 kg

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